Short hairstyles 2017Short hairstyles 2017How to look beautiful with short hair?

Short hairstyles 2017 are the newest trend in fashion. And the new crop of styles prove there is a lot you can do with short hair. The key is knowing how to style a short haircut to complement your face shape, choose the right color for your skin tone, and use makeup that highlights your face and cheekbones.

Makeup Ideas for Short Hairstyles

Here are some makeup ideas for short hairstyles can help make the look complete. Because short hair is so bold, it is good to create highlights with a lighter-colored foundation on your forehead, cheekbones, nose, and chin. Your eyes will be more noticeable with short hair so try a kohl eyeliner and a small amount of shimmery shadow on the brow line. With short hair, your eyebrows will be more prominent, so be sure to shape them and use a matching eyebrow pencil to fill in sparse areas.

Best Colors for Short Hair

The best colors for short hair take into account your natural hair color, skin tone, and eye color. They will tend to have a more natural appearance. Instead of dramatic highlights, many stylists are opting for more subtle, pretty lowlights. The best colors for short hair truly enhance the cut and complement your skin tone. Cool skin tones have pink, red, or blue undertones, warm have yellow, peach, or golden, and neutral skin has a mix of both warm and cool undertones. Cool tones look best with warm hair colors like golden blonde or chocolate brown while warm tones look best with cool colors like ash brown, dark red, or champagne blonde.

Short Hairstyles According to Face Shape

It is best to choose short hairstyles according to face shape. Some styles, like the pixie cut, will compliment any face shape. Here are some suggestions based on the shape of your face:

Oval Face: Oval faces are the most versatile when it comes to choosing a cut. Blunt bobs, layered shags that fall above the shoulders, angled bobs, and side-swept bangs will also complement this face shape.

Round Face: Short hairstyles according to face shape for a round face include the pixie cut (which is attractive on most face shapes)

Long Face: Long face shapes are enhanced by layered cuts as well as blunt cuts with bangs.

Square Face: A square face shape looks best with angled cuts that fall below your jawline. Asymmetrical or angled bobs look great on this face shape. Sleek crop cuts and side-swept bangs are also complementary.

Heart-Shaped Face: For those with a delicate chin and wider forehead, a chin-length bob with bangs, sleek crop cut, a pixie cut with fringed ends all look great. Be sure to avoid blunt or one-length cuts, as they add to the width of the face.

Are they for you? These trendy styles are proving that short hair can look great on anyone with the right makeup ideas for short hairstyles, the right color, and great styling. The hottest short hairstyles 2017 include long bangs, the pixie cut, unstructured bobs, and disheveled styles.

Short curly hairstyles 2017

Short curly hairstyles 2017Short curly hairstyles 2017Having short hair can appear easy to those struggling to tame their own long locks, but waking up with perfect pixie hair simply is not a reality for most of womankind, especially when you boast a beautiful curly main. As lovely as those tresses are, they can be hard to maintain in a short cut. But when they’re done right, the short curly hairstyles 2017 can be just the statement you are trying to make.

Use a Head Band

Turban style headbands that knot in the middle or tie in a bow are all the rage. Try wearing these in a floral or pastel shade, perhaps a muted teal or dusty rose to bring out the natural luster of your own color. Use them to keep your unruly bangs pushed or swooped to the side in an orderly fashion towards the casual disarray of curls in the back.

Go for the Cut

Having already embraced your short style, take it all the way back trimming down the sides. Undercuts are all the rage, and there is never a better time to do one then when your hair is already in a short cut. Whether you are sporting a bob, bowl, or pixie, lose some of the length that you have on the side and let your natural curls overflow on top. This look also pair well with a headband and works for any type of hair. The look will leave you looking and feeling as fierce.

Embrace the Classics

Try taming your curls with a wide brush and blow dryer for large classic waves. This is one of the hottest short curly hairstyles 2017. Large, loose curls are not as time consuming with short hair as they would be with long, and they leave you looking as effortlessly graceful and gorgeous.