Hair color 2017How to choose Best Hair Color for new season?

It doesn’t take a whole style overhaul to change up your look. Try switching up your day-to-day with a new hair color. Hair color 2017 is all about your natural beauty with a little added glam. Whether your hair is short, medium, or long there’s a color out there to make you pop.

Short Hair

For girls with short hair and full bangs, the huge new trend has been a pop of color just in the bangs. Celebrities have taken to Instagram showing off their fresh new bangs in shades ranging from deep turquoise to bold magenta. This is a great way to slowly introduce color into your locks without jumping off the deep end right away.

Celebrities have also been hitting the red carpet sporting a hair color that can only be described as “bronze” , which is a gorgeous mix of copper red and bronze brown and a great hair color for short hair. This flattering shade is suitable for all skin tones, but redheads will especially love this rich take on their own natural color.

Medium Hair

Hair color for medium hair can be very versatile, but we’re loving the dip dye trend that has been popping up everywhere lately. Dip dying can be done subtly, like adding a very soft pink to the ends of blonde hair, or it can be made bold with a dark, bright color.

For those who prefer to stick with traditional shades rather than jumping on the rainbow trend, warm blonde tones have made a huge comeback for 2017. The cool-toned, icy blonde that has been taking over for the last few years is now taking a backseat to the warm, buttery blonde tones we’re seeing today.


If you’re looking to ‘wow’ your friends and coworkers with a new look but don’t want to splurge on a new wardrobe, mix it up with a fresh new ‘do. Hair color 2017 is seeing trends that are great for those of us who love bright colors, but also for anyone who prefers a more natural, subtle glam.