Hairstyles 2017Hairstyles 2017

We have officially survived 2016 and 2017 is here in all its glory. What better time to shake off the old you (its so 2016) and embark on the new and improved 2017 self? Diet and exercise are always high on the self improvement list, but if you are looking for quicker results to refresh your style, a new haircut should be on the menu. Hairstyles 2017 is the best place to start.

Short Hairstyles

If you already have short hair and are just looking for an updated style, this transition won’t be too difficult to make. If you are currently sporting a longer do, a short style is a fantastic way to make a dramatic change to your style. The most drastic of the short hairstyles would be the pixie cut. There are several ways to embrace this style, a close to the scalp crop or leaving more volume on top, the most important way to rock this style is with confidence. If you aren’t ready to crop all your locks just yet but are still looking for a short style, try out the popular bob style. If the plain bob isn’t exciting enough for you, spice it up with an angled bob to give it a sharp look, or go for an asymmetrical bob with a pixie on one side and a sharp bob on the other.

Medium Hairstyles

If short is just not your thing, but you are looking for something different, maybe it’s time to explore the medium length hairstyle options. One of the most popular options for medium length hair right now is the long bob, or the “Lob.” The reason for its popularity is that it is so versatile and looks great all on face types. If you are looking for a carefree cut that doesn’t take a lot of time, the shaggy lob is a great look for you. Just add some product and blow dry for a great textured look. If you are looking for a more sophisticated cut, go for the angled lob with side swept bangs. This cut looks super sleek with just a blow dryer and a flat iron.

Long Hairstyles

Have you spent years growing out those long luscious locks and aren’t ready to chop them off, but still need a change in your style? Don’t fret, there are tons of fun hairstyles to try out without losing your length. When you are rocking your long locks, it is important to keep up on frequent trims. Long hair looks the best on healthy hair. The beauty of long hair is the ability to change up your style on a regular basis without sticking to a specific hairstyle or cut, so don’t be afraid to experiment. If you have fine hair, long layers is an easy way to add volume to an otherwise flat hairstyle. Blow out your tresses with a round brush to really pump up the style. Invest in a large curling iron to add some big curls. Bangs are another fun way to change up your style without committing to a serious cut. If you haven’t had bangs before (or at least not since 2nd grade) consider starting with the side swept style. They are the easiest to get used to and easiest to grow out if you don’t love them. Confident you will love the change? Then go for the blunt cut brow sweeping bangs to really change things up. Long hair is one of the only styles that can really embrace a dramatic updo, so don’t forget to throw that style in the mix from time to time. It will be a welcome change from the same old pony tail.

Curly Hairstyles

Ready to embrace your naturally curly tresses? 2017 is your year. Curly hair can be worn successfully in so many styles, it is really up to you and the length that you are most comfortable with. If you are ready to ditch the weight of long curly hair, you can find several short cuts to work with your curl. A pixie that is close cropped in the back but leaves some length on top works great for loose curls. The a bob or lob, angled or otherwise, makes for a great carefree look. Long beautiful curls is a much sought after style, so if you are willing to put in the time and effort, keep those long tresses long and well cared for to be the envy of all the styles.

A new year is a great time for a new you. A great new hairstyle is a wonderful way to boost your confidence and put a little spring in your step. The greatest thing about changing your hairstyle is that it will grow back if you aren’t in love with it. Don’t be afraid to experiment and get inspired with Hairstyles 2017.

Images of Hairstyles 2017

Images of Hairstyles 2017When you want to update your appearance and stay current with the latest trends, there are a number images of Hairstyles 2017 to model for a transformed look. Both men and women can change their hair with new cuts and colors that have currently been seen on the runway. To determine the best new hairstyle that you can rock, there are a few styles to consider this season.

Long Bobs

More women are throwing out their extensions and are enjoying a lighter look that is less heavy with a shorter style. Long bobs are perfect for warmer weather and are easier to maintain with an edgy style that will add a bit of mystery to your appearance. Consider parting your hair on the side for added volume and to allow the hairstyle to look more youthful.

Twisted Buns

More women want added ease with their hair when they’re headed to the office or lounging around at home. The twisted bun is a trendy and unique look that is easy to style without a lot of tools or products involved. It’s a refreshing change from last year’s popular top knot trend and can be worn lower on the head for a classic look that is perfect when wearing formal or casual attire.

She Bangs

Long bangs that touch the eyebrows are back in style since they first appeared in the ’90s. She bangs stand out for their jagged and shaggy style without looking overly put together or perfect. They look best with long or medium-length hair and don’t need a lot of upkeep to look gorgeous and plenty girly.

Hard Part and High Fade

Although men may feel limited with the amount of hairstyles that are available with their shorter mane, there are still different ways to change up your hairstyle and allow it to stand out by looking at images of hairstyles 2017. More men are creating hard parts in their hair for a clean style that looks classic. The hard part looks best with a high fade and will add extra texture and dimension to your hair.