Medium length hairstyles 2017Medium length hairstyles 2017Medium length hair is very popular for 2017. It gives off a modern and fresh look because it is not too long and not too short- the best of both worlds. In addition, it is also easier to care for and maintain in the mornings and in the shower. Medium length hair is also very easy to style. They are very versatile as well; they can be styled to match a cute, casual, or elegant look.

Medium length hairstyles for round faces focus on covering the sides to make your face seem thinner. Popular hairstyles usually include side partings. You can curl your hair with 1 or 1.5 inch curler. Then, you can either leave it as a side-do or clip is up and make it into a fancy updo. You can also braid the sides to add more texture to your hairstyle. Always try to leave some bangs out in order to cover some of the round face to create a slimmer complexion. Round faces also look good with a center parting with a bob or layered ends.

Having voluminous hair is definitely a advantage this season. There are so many medium length hairstyles for thick hair! A thick lob is very cute and easy to maintain. The slanted bob is also very popular this season where the hair is shorter in the back and gradually gets longer toward the front. Having layers with thick hair can be very fun. You can try different curl sizes and layered hairstyles to create more definition. If you have layered hair, you can go for the “shaggy/messy” look where your hair is cut into multiple layers and sways outward. They can also be styled to create elegant waves for any occasion.

Medium length hairstyles 2017 has a lot going for it! Don’t wait, be the trend now! Go to your stylist and request for a new haircut based on your own hair features. There are many hairstyles to fit a round face and thick haired people. Everyone can look flattering with a little help and advice. Don’t be afraid to try out a different hairstyle this season!